The story of a hardworking tractor and his magical friends. Written for the author’s young daughter in 1939 and only recently discovered 82 years later.

Written by Collins Trafton Robertson & Illustrated by Katie Røen


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“Young readers will dream of finding these little folks in their own backyards.”

— Bookworm for Kids

“Great way to learn about farms along with some heavy-duty machines”

— NBPB Reviews

“A charming story filled with solid virtues and great storytelling”

— Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews


Tracy Tractor and his hardworking cousins love helping Farmer Bean with his many chores until, one day, the Farmer falls ill and is unable to harvest his crops. Tracy comes to the rescue of Bean Acres Farm by teaming up with the enchanted Little People that live in the forest, who can only be seen by children (and Tracy).

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